Exclusive Interview: How Jared Kushner Won Trump The White House

There is absolutely no doubt that whatever magic dust the Trump campaign used to bamboozle voters worked like a spell from a Harry Potter film. But what were the secret ingredients in the potion and which of many wizards were behind the curtains concocting the brew? Was it Kellyanne Conway, who could make snake oil taste like Chateau Margaux? No.

It turns out it was Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who is our latest nominee for the 2017 Moby’s Dick Award.

Who is Jared Kushner? Mr Kushner is a very private person and is as elusive in the public eye as a ferret on Mars. But trust Forbes magazine to have the inside scoop on how he orchestrated the greatest and potentially most bizarre election campaign in history.

The secret weapon of the Trump campaign: his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who created a stealth data machine that leveraged social media and ran like a Silicon Valley startup. The inside story of the biggest upset in modern political history.

Source: Exclusive Interview: How Jared Kushner Won Trump The White House

I read this article with great interest. The process Mr Kushner used so brilliantly was outlined in black and white. Taken in detail, everything made perfect sense. It wasn’t until I stepped away from my laptop and had a coffee that it really struck me. It was a ‘seeing the forest instead of the trees’ moment.

Two things.

First, the campaign was run as if a corporation was marketing a product. Customers (aka voters) were identified with the latest cyber-analytics and targeted with the exact catch phrases and marketing hooks that moved their inquisitive eyes and ears to push the ‘Purchase Now’ button. It didn’t really matter what their motivation was or what specific word got them to hover their cursor over the icon. What mattered was that they pushed it and the dollars, I mean votes, flowed into your account.

Want to send a message to angry white redneck men in Kentucky? Try ‘Mexicans are rapists’ or ‘Build the wall’. Forget the fact that these voters are more likely to benefit from state support for Medicaid and without it, they would die. Because we won’t use ‘Repeal Obamacare’ with them. No we’ll reserve that particular message for the disgruntled salaried workers in the auto industry in Michigan who still have the best company-sponsored health plans in the country and could care less who doesn’t. No, they begrudge the fact their salaries don’t qualify them for Obamacare’s government subsidies or that they pay extra taxes to fund those that do. That’s their hot-button issue. So milk it.

Brilliant! Great marketing plan.

The consumer (aka voter) only needs one reason to push the button not fifty-five. And please don’t make it an intellectual argument about the safety of the planet or about the future of our children. I want action now. This is America. What counts is me and how I’m pleasured this very instant. It’s the American Way, you dumbshit Democrats.

The second thing that became a ‘seeing the forest instead of the trees’ moment was when Mr Kushner helped win the election for his famous father-in-law by targeting voters without any consideration for the negative forces that would be unleashed. This is the quintessential ethos of the driven businessman. If the market buys the product, the product must be right and good. If the product is faulty we have a return policy. If the flaw is lethal, buyer beware. Once the purchase is made, the market has spoken. And the market is always right. What the hell am I talking about?

Mr. Kushner is Jewish. His grandparents were Holocaust survivors who immigrated to the U.S. after World War II. But he had no problem ‘making the sale’ even though his candidate not only encouraged Neo-Nazis and the KKK to step into the spotlight but helped unleash a tsunami of false news that would make a Holocaust denier swoon with envy. This isn’t about personal ethics with Mr Kushner. It’s about making the sale. And he did that in spectacular form.

Mr Kushner in the Forbes article states categorically that he knows his father-in-law well and that Donald Trump isn’t the man his own press paints him to be. He’s not racist or sexist. No sir-ee Bob. But if you’ve got an opportunity to lock in a vote, I mean why waste it? The votes of racists count too. And the cyber-analytics told the Trump campaign that despite decades of civil rights progress, there’s still enough division and suspicion between the races to use a good old dose of primal fear to get that button pressed. So why not do it?

Yes, Jared Kushner has taken the corporate ethos of ‘any sale is a good sale’ and transformed it into a political mantra for the 21st Century. And for that, he has the distinction of being a possible favorite for this year’s Moby’s Dick Award.

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