Newt Gingrich ramps up attacks on “propaganda media”: If you’re not with Trump, you’re the enemy –

I wondered how long it would take for post-truth maestro Newt Gingrich to step forward as a nominee for this year’s Joseph Gobbles Award. Alternative reality is the middle name of this outstanding spokesman for the cause of post-truth. He should know. Mr. Gingrich writes alternative history novels which in his imaginative mind represent the really truthful events of history if only the truth would get the hell out of the way.

There is nothing a propagandist likes better than calling his opponents propagandists. And Newt should know because he just did it.

Team Trump takes the alt-right Nazi insult “lügenpresse” mainstream: Truth is whatever their leader says it is

Source: Newt Gingrich ramps up attacks on “propaganda media”: If you’re not with Trump, you’re the enemy –

If you tell a lie long enough and loud enough it becomes the truth. And when people retaliate with facts, the best thing to do is call these malcontents liars. Better yet, the propagandist hurls the label ‘propaganda media’ at them so he can paint them with the same post-truth brush. The general public will then come to believe that the propagandist’s lies and his opponents’ truths have equivalency.

This technique is tried and true… oops, I mean post-true. The historical record has enough examples to choke a blue whale. From Nazi Germany to Stalinist Russia right up to the North Korea of today. Truth becomes whatever the Great Leader says it is. Once the post-truth pill is swallowed, real events like tyranny, genocide and mass starvation can be conveniently prettied up by the post-truth wizard to simply look like good governance, social progress and a shortage of cake. At this point, the propagandist has turned the public’s ignorance into bliss and life goes on without pesky facts.

Freedom of the press is a massive inconvenience to propagandists like Newt Gingrich. Better to call a free press the enemy of freedom than speak the truth about one of the pillars of democracy. For that pearl of wisdom, we nominate Newt Gingrich for the 2017 Joseph Gobbles Post-Truth Award.

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