Trump’s Cabinet will serve corporate interests, not the chumps who voted for him – LA Times

For anyone confused by the contradictions in Trump’s public pronouncements, here is the key to understanding the president-elect: He will say whatever he needs to say to please whatever audience sits in front of him at a given moment.

Source: Trump’s Cabinet will serve corporate interests, not the chumps who voted for him – LA Times

It wouldn’t be a stretch to nominate President-elect Donald J Trump for The Moby’s Dick Award for Excellence in Ethics AND The Joseph Gobbles Post-Truth Award while also nominating his Trump Organization for The Globby of the Year Award for Excellence in the Pursuit of Profits. In fact, we might as well close the nominations, end these competitions and vote him the winner of all three in an overwhelming landslide. I mean what’s the point? This guy is not just on another planet but in another galaxy when it comes to his qualifications for these awards. The exploits of other mere mortals will always pale in comparison to what he has already done and is about to do.

But we’re not going to do that. What we’re going to do is EXEMPT Donald J Trump and his companies from these competitions! I know, I know, it doesn’t seem fair, does it? But let’s face the brutal reality. He’s already won the most important competition on the planet: the Presidency of the United States of America. So until he creates the title of Emperor of The World and ascends to that throne, there just isn’t any other award we could give him that would satisfy his narcissistic personality. He wouldn’t give us a thank you.

It’s a different story when we look at his Cabinet and the other apparatchiks of his Administration:

If there is a thread that connects almost all of them, it is a deep commitment to making America great again for the financial industry and major corporations at the expense of workers and the environment.

So the most important thing we can do here at BigCorpSurvivor is to focus our attention on those exemplary individuals in political and corporate life, as well as the corporations they run and/or serve, who are in genuine competition with each other for these three illustrious awards. Let’s keep the nominations flowing! It’s far more fun!

And what a lot of potential nominees there will be! Big winners in this year’s election are the big banks, financial services & mortgage lenders; oil, gas & pipeline companies; coal mining; the pharmaceutical industry & health insurance companies; defense contractors & private security firms; fast food companies (and anyone else wanting to eliminate the minimum wage); real estate developers; and finally, all the corporations who will win big when all of the nation’s schools are turned into charters, all of the prisons are privatized (and filling up fast) and all of our roads need toll booths. Oh, what a wonderful world this will be! Corporate nirvana! At last! A fully privatized nation, indivisible under profits with largess and freedom from tax for all… um, all the top One-Percenters that is.

Here are a few more industries whose corporations stand to benefit from the Trump era: funeral services companies & coffin makers (repeal of Obamacare), mobile home manufacturers & trailer parks (where else are you going to go when you lose your house again?), makers of dust masks & eye drops (essential for biking through the smog) and suppliers of bottled water (will you really be able to trust the public water supply again?).

The naifs who voted for Trump believed his promises to fight on their behalf against the corporate lobbyists, Wall Street and the political establishment. Well, what do you know? Donald Trump is doing exactly what establishment Republicans have done for decades: gin up fear among Americans of modest means to get their votes, then, once elected, serve the interests of the monied class.

Congratulations, folks, you’ve been fooled again.

Yes, the Fool of The Year Award has already been won. The competition ended on November 8, 2016. And the winner was Joe American Voter. Here are excerpts from his acceptance speech:

There are so many people I’d like to thank. First and foremost are the providers of fake news. Without you I would have never made my mind up. A tip of my hat to the Democratic National Committee and its campaign to rig its nomination in favor of a flawed candidate. I’d like to thank the Director of the FBI. Without his support, I might have succumbed to my intellect and better instincts and voted on the basis of what’s right for the survival of democracy. He put that genie back in the bottle, didn’t he? And finally, I’d like to thank Vladimir Putin for taking such an interest in our political affairs. It’s heartwarming to see that America is truly great in the eyes of our long time enemy.

And so, we begin the next four years with every expectation that we are in better hands and our ignorance will produce the bliss we voted for.


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